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Posts published by “akiwon”

Technical Users for WHINT Interface Management Suite


This article describes the required roles you have to assign to your technical user(s). SAP PI/PO (Technical User) Roles SAP_XI_API_DISPLAY_J2EE  SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER SAP_XI_MONITOR_J2EE SAP_PI_B2B_TPM_ADMIN SAP_BPM_ODATA To be able to Stop communication…

Praxishandbuch SAP Cloud Platform Integration bei Espresso Tutorials


Nun ist endlich ein Buch zu SAP CPI auf Deutsch bei Espresso Tutorials erschienen: ! ISBN: 9783960125068 Es behandelt die Konzepte von SAP Cloud Platform Integration und erläutert praxisnah…

Custom Tags for WHINT Interface Catalog (SAP CPI)


Since you can maintain custom tags for each Integration Package, we are now visualizing this in our enhanced Excel format for WHINT Interface Catalog (SAP CPI). It helps you e.g.…

WHINT MessageStore Viewer Google Chrome Extension


When storing SAP CPI messages into the Message Store, our free WHINT MessageStore Viewer is a helpful User Interface to retrieve the payloads, headers and attachments. We have developed a…