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WHINT® Solutions: Interface Management


Well designed interfaces are not enough.

High Quality Interfaces can be achieved with good Documentation & Reporting (Transparency).

Together with a smart Monitoring & Alerting, an interface landscape can reach Zero Downtimes!

WHINT® Interface Management Suite (On-Premise)
WHINT® Interface Management Suite (Cloud)

WHINT® Interface Transparency for Documentation & Reporting 

WHINT® Interface Control for Monitoring & Alerting

Feature List

  • Inventory (Excel)
    • Integrated Configurations/iFlows, Channels, Configuration Scenarios, TPM, BPM Processes (SAP PI/PO)
    • Integration Flows, APIs, Connections, User Credentials, Partner Directory (SAP Cloud Integration)
    • API Proxies, Products (SAP API Management)
    • Backend Interfaces: IDoc, SOAP, OData, HTTP, QRFC, File (SAP ABAP Backends)
    • Queues & Topics (SAP Event Mesh)
    • API Services, Proxies, Operations (MS Azure API Management)
    • Workflows: Standard & Consumption (MS Azure Logic Apps)
    • Queues & Topics (MS Azure Service Bus)
    • Topics & System Topics (MS Azure Event Grid)
  • Documentation (PDF)
    • Configuration Scenarios, NWDS Folders/iFlows with ESR Details, Channels, XSLT & Message Mappings in Excel as Attachment (SAP PI/PO)
    • Integration Packages, Value Mappings, Integration Flows with BPMN Details, BPMN-Grafik, Parameter, XSLT & Groovy & Metadata & Message Mappings in Excel as Attachment (SAP Cloud Integration)
    • API Proxies with Policies (SAP API Management)
  • Reporting (Excel/E-Mail)
    • Traffic (SAP PI/PO, SAP Cloud Integration: IS & PO)
    • Message Volume (SAP PI/PO)
  • Checks (Excel/E-Mail)
    • Quality (SAP Cloud Integration)
    • Landscape (SAP Cloud Integration: IS & PO, SAP PI/PO)
    • Performance (SAP PI/PO, SAP Cloud Integration)
    • Runtime (SAP PI/PO, SAP Cloud Integration)
  • Alerting (E-Mail)
    • Errors: Messages, Channels, Queues (SAP PI/PO, SAP Backends, SAP Cloud Integration, SAP API Management, MS Azure API Management, MS Azure Logic Apps, MS Azure Service Bus, MS Azure Event Grid)
    • Error Correlations (SAP Cloud Integration: IS & PO)
    • Certificates (SAP PI/PO, SAP Cloud Integration)
  • Enterprise Architecture (Integration)
    • LeanIX (SAP Cloud Integration, SAP PI/PO)
    • Iteratec LUY (SAP Cloud Integration, SAP PI/PO)

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