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Posts published in “Methodology”

What is an Interface?


We often get questions like: The answer is quite simple (from our pov and experience): An interface can be for example: To be in line with GenAI, we asked ChatGPT…

Interface Documentation Q & A


This overview provides some answers to typical questions related to our Interface Documention solution as part of our WHINT Interface Management Suite / WHINT Integration Cockpit. What kind of documentation…

Local Transports in SAP Cloud Integration


Last Update: 16. Feb. 2024 Transports across Tenants (Neo & Cloud Foundry, Integration Suite/CPI) usually works like this: But, what if we want to manage (and pay for) only a…

Alerting for SAP Cloud Connector


This winter update for WHINT Interface Monitoring adds the ability to inform you, when your certificate is about to expire which controls the connection to your subaccount. Like this you…

Pass-Through vs. Point-To-Point


Interface Design and Integration Architecture contains the decision, whether and/or which integration technology shall be used. Sometimes integration experts are challenged by an interface requestor (business or IT, but mainly…