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Posts published in “Architecture”

Pass-Through vs. Point-To-Point


Interface Design and Integration Architecture contains the decision, whether and/or which integration technology shall be used. Sometimes integration experts are challenged by an interface requestor (business or IT, but mainly…

Integration Excellence Maturity Assessment


This document explains how you can assess your current integration situation. It contains the different areas of integration, from strategy to execution. We have covered the maturity topic already in…

API Management


This article explains the concept of API Management and goes through some definitions in this area. What IS NOT API Management: What IS API Management: What are the reasons &…

WIE Framework: WHINT Integration Excellence Framework


This blogpost describes our framework to achieve Integration Excellence: WIE Our goal is to help you achieving a more robust and manageable integration landscape with a better overview and controlled…

Integration Excellence – Podcast


Unser Podcast ist ab sofort verfügbar und auf allen gängigen Plattformen zu hören (und auf YouTube zu sehen)! Bitte kommentiert, wenn ihr Themen-Wünsche habt bzw. kontaktiert uns gern auf den…