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Posts published in “Architecture”

Integration Excellence @ SAP TechEd 2019


We are happy to see that also SAP starts using the term Integration Excellence, here releasing SAP Graph (a universal API layer to access business objects across the SAP landscape…

What is Integration Excellence?


What leads to Integration Excellence? Is it enough having a great middleware in place which is operated by skilled and talented people? Or is there more we have to do…

S/4HANA Migration – Interfaces with SAP PI/PO


When you move your SAP ECC system to SAP S/4HANA (On-Premise/Cloud or Hybrid/Two-Tier/Central Finance), you have to re-consider your interfaces. Using SAP PI/PO you have the chance of analyzing the…

SAP PI to PO Migration Checklist


There is no upgrade path from dualstack SAP PI to singlestack SAP PO. All integration content has to be moved/redesigned and tested. This is a list of activities which might…

WHINT Interface Documentation for SAP Process Orchestration


Functionality This solution creates an automatic documentation of your interface landscape by generating PDF documents in plain text describing your SAP Process Orchestration Configuration Scenario. Update (02.2022): PDF by NWDS…

SAPPHIRE 2018 Integration Review


SAPPHIRE in Orlando this year was fun. Great to see that SAP acknowledges (more than ever) that integration is key. A new version of the CIO Guide for Integration¬†(“Process and…