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In this section you will find Configuration Guides with Examples for our Solutions

The Business Case for Interface Management


Why investing in a software to increase transparency, quality and efficiency through automation? The reason is obvious, but still we are asked how the costs can be justified, so we…

PerformanceCheck for SAP PI/PO Messages


For some integration scenarios we have to know as soon as possible if a performance of an interface is getting worse. With this new feature of our WHINT Interface Monitoring…

How to document your SAP Cloud Integration Flows


Nobody enjoys the process of documenting his/her code (even if it is low-code like with Cloud Integration of SAP Integration Suite). However, there are ways to automatically generate your technical…

API Management


This article explains the concept of API Management and goes through some definitions in this area. What IS NOT API Management: What IS API Management: What are the reasons &…

WIE Framework: WHINT Integration Excellence Framework


This blogpost describes our framework to achieve Integration Excellence: WIE Our goal is to help you achieving a more robust and manageable integration landscape with a better overview and controlled…

The What, Why and Value of Interface Management


This blog post explains the aspects if interface/integration management, what it is about, why it is needed and which value it provides. Finally it also highlights what is the alternative…