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Posts tagged as “WHINT”

Monitoring Correlations with SAP Cloud Integration


Sometimes an interface on SAP Cloud Integration is running across several Integration Flows. Typical examples are central router for messages from SAP systems (XI or IDoc, see Blogpost) a webhook…

SAP-Podcast Close the Gap on Interface Management


Join Adam Kiwon in this podcast episode (62) on Interface Management “Schnittstellen-Management für kritische Geschäftsprozesse” (german only). It is all about the need to manage interfaces centrally, document them automatically,…

Integration Maturity: Organizational Positioning


What type of organization are you? How mature is your IT-department with focus on integration? Integration can be a strategic topic and treated as the enabler for digitalization across organizations.…

MessageCheck for WHINT Interface Monitoring (Cloud)


We have now officially released the MessageCheck for our WHINT Interface Monitoring for SAP Cloud Integration. It works similar to our WHINT MessageMissing Alert for SAP Process Orchestration and provides…