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Posts published in “News”

SAP PO B2B Add-on / ANSI X12


Our first End-to-End EDI Project was delivered successfully for our US client, a producer of consumer goods in the luxury beauty care industry. Now processing in a reliable way ANSI X12 Messages with conversions…

Whitepaper InterfaceDesign / GmbH


Whitepaper InterfaceDesign changed the company name and was transformed from Whitepaper Interface Design e.K. to GmbH. This change took place end of March being effective from April 1st 2016 (for tax reporting…

openHPI BPMN Course in 2016


As the BPMN course of openHPI in 2013/2014 was such a success, in April 2016 there will be a new one: BPMN Meets DMN: Business Process and Decision Modeling And it´s…

SAP TechEd 2015: Key take-aways


This week in Barcelona was great, we had a lot of fun experiencing new technologies from the SAP Labs… From an interfacing/application integration point of view, those are the main…

SAP TechEd 2015 


We are travelling to Barcelona and are excited to see whats coming up…

First Teach BIT900 (HCI) in Walldorf


Finished the first teach of SAP Training BIT900 (SAP HCI Introduction) in Walldorf today! Received good feedback from the participants, many exercises for practicing 🙂 I will teach next time at…