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Connectivity Adapter Preference


This is a list of PI/PO adapters, sorted by the preferred way of communication from SAP PI point of view regarding reliability, architecture fit, monitoring and maintenance:

SAP Systems

  1. ABAP (XI) Proxy
    • synchronous & asynchronous communication
    • dynamic queue assignment
    • usage of acknowledgements
    • processing of (binary) attachments (PDF, JPG, ..)
    • usage of Forward Error Handling (FEH, ECH Error and Conflict Handler)
  2. IDoc (ALE)
    • asynchronous communication
    • usage of acknowledgements
    • SAP Business Workflow integration
    • synchronous & asynchronous communication
    • async communication not recommended (monitoring)
  4. File
    • for standard import programs
    • Integration via (S)FTP(s)/NFS

Non-SAP Systems

  1. SOAP/http
    • exchange XML messages via http(s)
    • synchronous & asynchronous communication
    • reliable async communication via WS-RM protocol
  2. JMS
    • exchange XML messages via queues
    • reliable asynchronous communication (exactly once/EOIO)
    • usage of drivers necessary (matching the JMS provider)
  3. JDBC
    • integrate database tables/views by reading/writing entries, call stored-procedures
    • usage of drivers necessary (matching the database vendor)
  4. File/FTP
    • exchange data (XML/CSV/Flat) via file systems/FTP Server
    • asynchronous communication
  5. Mail
    • integrate e-mail systems via smtp/imap/pop3 protocol
    • asynchronous communication (at most once)
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