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Content Organization in SAP PI for Interface Designers


This article is part of our Integration Cookbook.


To design interfaces for SAP PI, you need to consider the following aspects and follow the principles regarding Software Components:

  • Separate Sender Application/System from Receiver
  • Mappings are always created in the Receiver (Target) Software Component
    • Generic Mapping functions can be created in a central, reusable Software Component
      • E.g. _MAPPING 1.0 of <>
      • This Software component can be used as an underlying SWC in other components
  • BPM processes are ideally “speaking” the language of the sender OR receiver – sometimes they have their own set of interfaces. Based on that, the content is created on sender, receiver or a BPM-specific SWC.
  • Always use a /BPM namespace to indicate the usage


  • Make Use of Process Integration Scenarios (swimlanes) to design your interfaces (and automatically document them)
    • They are located in a generic (central) software component: _INTEGRATION_SCENARIOS 1.0 of <>
      Choose Software Components with internal Actions for Business Systems and
      Templates with local Actions for Business Component (also BPM Process)
  • The Vendor is always the creator of the Integration Content


Categories (identify the usage area of your software component and be aware where it belongs)

A2A Internal/own systems communication: SAP, Databases,
File-Servers (NFS), JMS Queues, Inhouse Apps, Cloud Apps
B2B External Business Partners, e.g. EDI, Dun & Bradstreet,
Schufa, Public WebServices, general “External” Communication
B2G Business-To-Government: Elster, ECB, …

Areas (examples, use them in Process Integration Scenarios)

FIN Financials-orientied processes: Integration with
Payment Service Providers, Treasury Systems, Banks
LE Logistics Execution: Warehouses, Logistics Service Providers
OTC Order-To-Cash: Sales & Distribution
PTP Procure-To-Pay: Materials Management
MDM Master Data Management
HCM Human Capital Management
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