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HCI is now SAP Cloud Platform Integration



SAP´s marketing team is not sleeping…

On-Premise: From SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure) to SAP PI (SAP Process Integration) and SAP PO (SAP Process Orchestration or PRO as they like to say) now we have a similar wording history for our Cloud Middleware, HCI:

From “SAP HANA Cloud Integration” (HCI), via “SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integration service” to
SAP Cloud Platform Integration

“Easily Exchange Data in Real-Time: SAP Cloud Platform Integration, integrates processes and data between cloud apps, 3rd party applications and on-premises solutions. It’s an open, flexible, on-demand integration system running as a core service on SAP Cloud Platform.” (SAP)

SAP Press Release about SAP Cloud Platform on Feb 27th 2017

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