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How to check if a file exists with SAP PRO/SAP PI


Sometimes we have to check if a file has been written on a file system and perform actions on that. With PI we usually poll a directory using the File Sender Adapter (e.g. in TEST mode if we can not delete the file). Here´s a smarter way:

  1. Schedule a Trigger that runs the File Check periodically (based on your requirement)
  2. Read the directory of the NFS/FTP/SFTP using the FileReader Adapter

Example Configuration

  • Sender: SOAP Message coming from WHINT MessageTrigger Job
  • Receiver: FileReader Query using WHINT FileReader Adapter
  • Both sides use BusinessComponent “FileChecker” here

Create Business Component:

FileChecker 1

Define iFlow/IntegratedConfiguration (SOAP to FileReader):

FileChecker 2

Configure the FileReader Adapter Channel with the file name you look for:

FileChecker 7

As the FileReader Adapter reads synchronously, we have to switch from Async to Sync using the RequestResponseBean and back to Async using the RequestOnewayBean:

FileChecker 8

If the file is found, we need to have a second (Dummy) iFlow/ICO that is receiving the Response Message from the adapter but without processing it:

FileChecker 9

Set up a MessageTriggerJob in NWA / Operations / Jobs according to your needs (the period is configurable very flexible: daily / every 10 minutes / …):

FileChecker 4FileChecker 6

If the file can not be found, the message goes into error:

FileChecker 5

VOILÁ – here is the message in error (System Error).
If you have defined alerting, an automatic E-Mail is triggered!

In case the file is found, no additional message is being generated. This behaviour can be changed if you change the routing of the Dummy iFlow.

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