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How to find out if messages have been processed on SAP Process Orchestration


“Where is my data?”

“Did the interface run?”

“There is no IDoc in SAP!”

“Can you check if you received the files?”

Does this sound familiar?

We should all agree that being alarmed by the business departments is too late.

A good digital integration platform team should find out issues pro-actively and before investigations are starting in many departments (IT & Business).

It is easy to be alerted by message- or communication channel-related errors, but what if the data is simply not sent by the source system/application?

In SAP Process Orchestration  we can of course manually check the monitoring and look for important messages. We can achieve this in the Message Overview or in the Performance Monitor.


How about getting an e-mail if an expected message is missing in the runtime automatically?

This can be achieved with the Add-on WHINT MessageMissing Alert.

The principle is easy:

  1. For each interface to be monitored, you set up a Job in NWA (using WHINT MessageTrigger Job)
  2. Then (periodically) a message is sent via the internal JPR to the mapping runtime which reads the performance monitoring
  3. Search parameters: Sender, Receiver, Interface, Period, Unit (Day/Hour/15Mins)

Example: A job runs daily at 3 PM and checks if a SalesOrder message was sent by the E-Commerce Shop in the last 6 hours. If no message is found, an e-mail is sent to a (list of) receiver(s): “Message Missing” (with the details)

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