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iFlow Details & Configuration Parameters for WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Cloud Integration


We have added new features to our WHINT Interface Catalog (Cloud Edition) for SAP Cloud Integration:

  • iFlow Details
  • Configuration Parameters

SAP enhanced the API to read the Design Time of Integration Artifacts. This allows us to list

  • iFlow Description
  • iFlow Package Assignment
    • Spaces and special characters are being removed by the API, e.g. “WHINT InterfaceCatalog (Cloud)” is displayed as “WHINTInterfaceCatalogCloud”
  • All configuration parameters

The package assignment might be empty in some cases:

  • The iFlow is still deployed as an Integration Artifact but has been deleted in the Design Area
  • The iFlow has been changed as a new version but the new version has not been deployed yet. (if an iFlow has been deployed in Draft Mode, it is still shown under the latest version)

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