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Integration Content for SAP Cloud Integration by WHINT Solutions


We continue our mission towards providing Turn-key Integration Content (Standard Interfaces) based on SAP´s Middleware. We strongly believe that enterprises benefit from this kind of standardization, especially in the cloud context as applications and data providers are going towards providing standard API´s or data formats.
Our Integration Content for SAP´s Cloud Middleware (SAP Cloud Integration) so far is as below:

WHINT® CurrencyRates

  • Automatic Upload of Exchange Rates into SAP Business Suite (ERP/CRM,…) / S/4HANA
  • Data Providers: OANDA, European Central Bank (ECB),
  • Benefit: no manual maintenance of exchange rates in SAP, robust interface from reliable data sources
  • SAP Content Hub


WHINT® PaymentReporting Ingenico

  • Automatic Posting of Documents into SAP FICO / S/4HANA from the Payment Service Provider (PSP) Ingenico
  • Transfer of Credit Card Payment Transactions into SAP Accounting
  • Benefit: Manual postings in finance are not needed, an automatic reconciliation takes place which increases data consistency and correct book-keeping of credit card transactions
  • SAP Content Hub


With this article we would also like to share our pipeline of solutions with standard integration content we are currently working on:


  • B2G (Business-To-Government) Communication
  • Automatic Check of European VAT numbers with the German Tax Register (BZSt) as well as the European Commission (VIES)
  • Provides Feedback about the correctness/validity of a European VAT id of a Customer/Vendor (SAP ERP) or Business Partner (SAP CRM)
  • Benefit: Supports legal EU requirement to check client´s business VAT id. No need to perform the check manually on the government´s website



  • Full Application Integration between SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Using ORBIS Integration Manager & ORBIS Connect
  • Objects transferred: e.g. Customer, Contact, Price Lists, SalesOrder, Invoice, …
  • Benefit: Enables integration between heterogeneous applications to ensure data consistency in real-time


WHINT® ShipmentManagement UPS

  • Message Processing of Shipment Data between SAP ERP (LE) and UPS
  • Based on UPS´s official Developer APIs
  • Supported Scenarios:  UPS Shipping, UPS Time in Transit, UPS Dangerous Goods, UPS Pre-Notifications, UPS QuantumView, UPS Tracking

WHINT® TravelExpenses Xpenditure

  • Automatic Updoad of Expenses from Xpenditure into SAP FICO (ERP) / SAP S/4HANA Finance
  • Based on Xpenditure´s public API

Stay tuned for updates on SAP Cloud Integration Content by WHINT® Solutions

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