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Inventory in Integration Cockpit


This document describes, how the Inventory works in the WHINT Integration Cockpit.

Data Flow & Management Process

  1. Interfaces (and other Integration Content) are retrieved via Data Sources (Pull or Push) into the Raw Data area of the Integration Cockpit
  2. Interfaces are being normalized (copied into a central table, the Inventory, with standardized fields) and harmonized (mapped against systems from landscape catalog)
  3. Interfaces are shown in the inventory with some Metadata and are visible in an overview page
  4. You can enrich Interfaces and Systems with your own properties and tags
Inventory Data Flow in Integration Cockpit

Illustrative views in the WHINT Integration Cockpit

Integration Content is discovered and loaded from Data Sources into the Integration Cockpit and visible in the data source way (data is not changed, only shown)

Raw Data (e.g. SAP Cloud Integration)

Systems (Applications, Partners, Governments) are loaded from EAM-Applications or manually created/uploaded into the Integration Cockpit

System Catalog (e.g. from LeanIX)

A system mapping is performed to standardize (harmonize) the discovered integration content regarding sender and receiver. You can use Regex rules to map from original system (e.g. Sender of SAP PO interface is “P01_100” is mapped to “SAP ECC”) or (if no system is discovered) you can just enter “Sender” or “Receiver” to map for specific interfaces:

System Mapping

Interfaces are shown in the Inventory and grouped by NON-PROD and PRODUCTION as well as by Type and Data Source with a count

Inventory Overview

The list of interfaces is shown in the Integration Cockpit as follows where all (clickable) Sender and Receiver systems have been harmonized (through System Mapping):

Inventory: Interface Catalog

A single interface is shown as follows where you can add another description and maintain user-defined Properties and Tags. Metadata is copied over from the raw data (depending on the data source information):

Inventory Detail Page (single interface)
Last Update: 28. May 2024
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