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WHINT JSON Converter Adapter Module



This Adapter Module is able to convert a JSON message into XML and vice versa.


  • no further parametrization is necessary


  • a root node can be added (if not existing in the JSON) to the XML document
  • an XML namespace can be added (to an existing or a configured) root node
  • invalid XML element names are being escaped with an underscore, e.g.
    • “64×64” => <_64x64>
    • “start&stop” => <start_stop>


  • Deploy the SCA/EAR file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign using NWDS/JSPM/SUM/Telnet
  • Check if the deployment was successful in JNDI browser (NWA -> Troubleshooting -> Java -> JNDI Browser) It should appear under Folder WHINT with name DynamicQueueWriter
  • works with SAP PI 7.1 and higher versions


  • Add the Adapter Module in the Module Processor (Sender or Receiver Channel)
  • Name: WHINT/JSONConverter
  • Type: Local
  • Parameters:
    • mode = json2xml / xml2json
    • root = Name of the root node (if the JSON message does not provide any)
    • namespace = Adds an xml namespace to the root node


A JSON Message is sent from an AWS SQS Queue, converted into XML and forwarded to an SFTP Server.

  1. Send JSON Message (here manually) into an AWS SQS Queue:

2. Channel Configuration (AWS_SQS Sender Channel)

3. The WHINT AWS SQS Adapter on SAP PI/PO is picking up the message and converting into XML:

4. The XML namespace is shown in the Message Monitor:

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