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SAP Cloud Integration: Centralizing ABAP Proxy Connectivity


Connectivity from SAP ABAP Systems to SAP CPI via ABAP Proxy can be done via XI adapter (XI runtime: SXMB_ADM) or SOAP adapter (WS Runtime: SOAMANAGER).

In case of XI adapter, we usually have to create a sender id for the outbound proxy in SXMB_ADM and create an iFlow-specific RFC Destination… This is not so nice as we have to create a lot of destinations…

There is a way to use a generic RFC destination as well!

To achieve this, you create a generic iFlow that accepts all XI calls from the SAP backend systems and distributes them dynamically via ProcessDirect adapter. The url between the sending and receiving iFlow would be dynamically populated based on sender service and interface name.

Configuration of Generic iFlow:

  1. Allow headers from SOAP Header (XI 3.0 protocol)

2. Assign address dynamically using /<sender>/<interface>

At runtime, you will see 2 messages.

Luckily they share the same CorrelationID automatically:

To make them searchable by XI Message ID, you have to set the Application Message ID with from message header SapMessageIdEx:

Set Application Message ID
find XI Messages by Application ID (XI Runtime MessageID)
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