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SAP Cloud Integration: Persist Step only writes successful messages


In case you are using the Persist Step to write Message Payloads into the Message Store, you might have noticed that this happens only for successfully processed messages.

SAP CPI: Persist Message

When you open the message in MessageStore Viewer, you see no messages in the Message Store.

We at Whitepaper see this as a wrong behavior and asked SAP to change that (topic has been added to the development backlog, let’s cross fingers).

In the meantime (workaround):

Simply catch the exception and escalate the message. It will still “mark” the message as irregular behaviour, but allows the message to be stored.

Luckily our Interface Monitoring solution understands the ESCALATED status as an erroneous message and sends out and alert…

Alert E-Mail from WHINT Interface Monitoring

Here´s a simple example how to catch the error situation (here created at the end) and escalate:

Error is created as an end event, Exception Subprocess ends with Escalation
Monitoring: see escalated message
Entries are available in Message Store
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