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SAP integration with Webhooks and JSON through



This article shows how to integrate any SAP ABAP system with MailChimp through using a solution of Whitepaper InterfaceDesign, the WHINT Webhook JSON Connector.


Our Partner is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), a cloud connectivity solution to enable business integration between on-premise and on-demand applications. The platform is hosted in Germany´s most secure cloud environment and fulfills highest security standards.

MailChimp is a cloud solution to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns.

Whitepaper InterfaceDesign provides professional services and software solutions around SAP integration and cloud connectivity. We are a SAP Application Development Partner since 2014.

SAP Partner

Step-by-step guide: Prerequisites

  1. Install the add-on into your SAP ABAP system
  2. Create an account at
  3. Create an account at MailChimp
  • No additional middleware needed (!)

Configure MailChimp

  • Create a list

MailChimp Create List

Configure (1)

  • Add new flow
  • Save Webhook URL

elastic 1 elastic 2

Configure SAP

  • Configure the connectivity
  • Select the data structure to be sent
  • Retrieve the JSON structure by invoking the WHINT WJC (Webhook JSON Connector)

Transaction SM59: Create an RFC destination (HTTP) and select SSL

sap 1 sap 2

Transaction STRUST: Load the SSL certificates (CAs) needed for the HTTPS connection

sap 3

Transaction SE11: Select or create a DDIC structure to pass the information to MailChimp

sap 4

Transaction SE38: Create program that invokes the WHINT WJC and run:

sap 5 sap 7

Configure (2)

  • Insert JSON String into Webhook sample
  • Define field mapping
  • Connect your MailChimp account

elastic 3

elastic 4

elastic 5

Start the flow!

Monitoring & Results

  • SAP
  • MailChimp

sap 8

Monitoring on

elastic 7 elastic 8

Verify result in MailChimp:

mailchimp list 2 mailchimp list 3

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