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SAP PI to PO Migration Checklist


There is no upgrade path from dualstack SAP PI to singlestack SAP PO. All integration content has to be moved/redesigned and tested.

This is a list of activities which might impact you partly or even completely.

  • Connectivity
    • Communication Channels (Replace all ABAP adapters with JAVA adapters)
      • IDoc -> IDoc_AAE
      • XI -> SOAP (XI 3.0)
      • HTTP -> HTTP_AAE
      • WS -> WS_AAE
    • RFC Destinations
      • Use Destinations in NWA to create HTTP and RFC connections to backends
  • Mapping
    • No more use of ABAP/ABAP-XSLT: Redesign in Java!
    • Keep on using Swing Client! NWDS/Eclipse is not comfortable enough…
  • Routing
    • Classic Routing -> Integrated Configuration (ICO)
      • Make sure you understand the settings for Staging & Logging!
    • Multi-Adapter Engine Usage (ICO-ICO)
    • Usage of iFlows & Folders in NWDS/Eclipse (optional, but recommended)
  • BPM
    • Redesign ccBPMs: replace BPM by Adapter Modules (e.g. Async-Sync Bridge) or Collect BPMs
    • Create BPM processes to replace ccBPM
  • Basis
    • CTS+ now e.g. via ABAP Stack of SAP Solution Manager
    • User Management now locally (UME) or connected to Active Directory
    • Set up NWDI for BPM Design Time Repository & Transport
  • Monitoring
    • No more SXMB_MONI
    • All messages are visible in PIMON
  • Alerting
    • New Message based alerting available, configured in DIR/NWA
  • Backend Systems (SAP ECC/ERP, CRM, SRM, …)
    • IDoc – WE21: New IDoc Port to connect with IDoc_AAE via RFC Destination type T (SAP Gateway)
    • ABAP Proxy – SXMB_ADM: Point to Adapter Engine RFC Destination instead to Integration Engine (configured globally or per outbound Service Interface/Proxy)
SLDIn case you are using a central SLD,
point your PO system there.
Otherwise you Export/Import
> Software Products
> Software Components
> Technical Systems
> Business Systems
ESRExport/Import via TPZ all relevant objects.
Decide which source system to use
> Software Components
DIRMigrate all Channels & Routings
using the tool where possible
> Communication Channels
> Business Components
> Routing Objects
NWA(Re-)define the relevant objects
in NetWeaver Administrator
> Keystore
> Destinations
> User Management
> Alert Configuration


  • Overview & Documentation
  • Automated Testing
    • INT4 and Figaf provide automated test tools to reduce the manual test effort.
  • Mapping Migration for B2B
    • Figaf provides an automatic conversion of Seeburger Message Mappings into SAP B2B Add-on based Message Mappings.
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