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Posts tagged as “BPM”

Process Modeling Principles for Interface Designers


This article is part of our Integration Cookbook. Modularization Limit the process model to 25 – 50 steps to keep them manageable. This can be achieved by hiding complexity in sub-processes. Interface…

Naming Conventions for SAP BPM


This article is part of our Integration Cookbook. Name Pattern  Example Software Component  Same as ESR SWC or generic SWC “BPM” when used in NWDI due to the underlying components BPM of Development Component bpm/<opt:SWC>…

WHINT ProcessRestart Job


Functionality In case your BPM process is using an automated activity which can fail during processing (e.g. by calling an external service) and you did not set up any error…

WHINT AggregateMessages byReceiver BPM Process


Functionality This BPM process collects (aggregates) messages for a system and then (after 5 minutes collecting) forwards them to a receiver (system/partner). It is a generic process that can collect any XML data…