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WHINT DynamicQueue Writer



This Adapter Module is able to set the EOIO Queue/Sequence Id by putting it together from existing DC values or by accessing the XML payload using an XPATH.


  • Deploy the SCA/EAR file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign using NWDS/JSPM/SUM/Telnet
  • Check if the deployment was successful in JNDI browser (NWA -> Troubleshooting -> Java -> JNDI Browser) It should appear under Folder WHINT with name DynamicQueueWriter


  • Add the Adapter Module in the Module Processor (Sender or Receiver Channel)
  • Name: WHINT/DynamicQueueWriter
  • Type: Local
  • Parameters (Input):
    • in.varX = xpath({XPATH on XML payload}) or dc({Key of Dynamic Configuration: NAME NAMESPACE})
    • = {true/false} (search also with xpath in attachment)
    • in.remove.specialchar = {true/false} (remove special characters)
  • Parameters (Output):
    • = {combination of in-Variables with constants/strings}
    • Please note that the maximum length of the queue must not exceed 16 characters
    • Substring-Values to build the queue name:
      • $var1.substring(startOffset,endOffset)
      • $var2.substring(startOffset)
      • $var1.substring-after(“TEXT“)
      • $var2.substring-before(“TEXT“)


The Queue is built by concatenating the IDoc number with the file name (without “.xml”) separated by “_”:

  • in.var1: xpath(//EDI_DC40/DOCNUM)
  • in.var2: dc(FileName
  • true
  • in.remove.specialchar: false
  • $var1+_+$var2.substring-before(“.xml“)
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