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WHINT FileReader Adapter (On-Premise)



This Receiver Adapter is able to read a file from a directory (NFS/FTP/SSH) and process it further.

The standard SAP File Sender Adapter is only able to continuously poll a directory and delete/archive the file or re-send the file from a source folder. There are many scenarios where it makes sense to read a file from a directory event-driven or triggered by a sender system where the file has to remain at its source.

The FileReader Adapter works in a synchronous mode on the receiver side.
Queries can be done either

  • synchronously where the file is returned to the sender directly as a response message or
  • asynchronously where the file can be sent to any receiver by using the RequestResponseBean



  • Deploy the SCA file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign using NWDS/JSPM/SUM/Telnet
  • Import the TPZ file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign into the ESR


  • Create a new receiver communication channel and select the adapter “FileReader” from namespace “” (Software Component WHINT_FRA 2015.08 of
  • Transport Protocol
    • Select one of the following transport protocols
      • NFS – to connect with a local or network file system directory
      • (S)FTP – to connect with an FTP or SSH server
  • Message Protocol
    • You can choose the access method by selecting one of the Message
      • Channel Configuration – The file name and directory is configured in the communication channel directly
      • Query XML message – The file name is sent with an XML message. The format is visible in software component WHINT_FRA, message type FileReaderQuery ( The directory can be sent along with the XML message or maintained in the channel configuration.
      • Dynamic Configuration – The file name is provided as an adapter-specific message attribute (ASMA): FileName (  The directory can be provided as an adapter-specific message attribute (ASMA): Directory ( or maintained in the channel configuration.
  • Other Options
    • List Directory – The directory content (based on the given file pattern) is returned as a response XML message.
    • Append multiple files -If multiple files are found, the adapter returns them appended. XML files are enveloped in a response XML message, TXT files are simply appended. Binary files can not be appended.
    • Error message if no file is found – An error message is raised if the file can not be found. Otherwise the information is returned in a response XML message.



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