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WHINT WebDAV Adapter (On-Premise)



This JCA Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration supports the WebDAV protocol (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) which is based on http(s) and allows read/write access to any WebDAV provider that implements the protocol, such as e.g. Telekom MagentaCloud,, ownCloud, … 


  • Works with SAP PI 7.1 and higher (incl. SAP Process Orchestration 7.50)
  • Deploy the SCA file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign using NWDS/JSPM/SUM/Telnet
  • Import the TPZ file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign into the ESR


  • Create a new sender or receiver communication channel and select the adapter “WebDAV” from namespace “” (Software Component WHINT_WDA 2016.04 of
  • Transport Protocol: WebDav / HTTP
  • Message Protocol: File
  • Other Options
    • URL (http/https)
    • Proxy (optional)
    • Authentication (Username/Password)
    • Filename
    • Directory
    • Set/Use Adapter-specific Message Attributes (ASMA)
      • Namespace:
      • FileName
      • Directory
      • Size (sender only)
      • Timestamp (sender only)
      • Host (sender only)
    • Sender Only
      • Poll-Interval in seconds (Sender)
      • Delete file (Yes/No)
      • Duplicate file checking (Yes/No)
      • Quality of Service (EO/EOIO)
      • Archiving on WebDAV Server (Directory/Filename)




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