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WHINT Webhook JSON Connector




This solution enables you to push data via an ABAP structure to a Webhook using JSON.


  • Works with any SAP ABAP Based system (Basis 6.10 and higher)
  • You install the Whitepaper InterfaceDesign ABAP components through a transport
  • The software comes in an isolated, namespace-specific environment that basically provides one function group and a sample report to show the usage


  • You pass the data to be transferred from any context
    • BAdI (Business Add-In)
    • User-Exit (CMOD)
    • BTE (Business Transaction Event)
    • BOR Event
    • Enhancement Spot
    • Customer-specific ABAP program
  • to a function module:  /WHINT/WJC_ABAP2JSON


You want to add subscribers from your SAP CRM system to your MailChimp E-Mail distribution list.

See our blog entry: “SAP integration with Webhooks and JSON through

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