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2022 in Review, Sustainability and Outlook on 2023


2022 was a special year for Whitepaper InterfaceDesign. We were able to grow as a company and as a team. Our installed base is also growing which acknowledges our mission and we started to build our next generation Interface Management software. A warm welcome (again) to our new team colleagues: Yasmine, Mareike, Rania, Carsten – and Sarah is back from her leave!

There were also challenges: We hired two people in Berlin and had to let them go which heavily challenged our hiring process and where we had to review our interview tactics to not let this ever happen again. People Integration is at least as important as Application Integration!


For those of you who expected to receive a new calendar: We did not produce one for 2023. We have decided to re-use the one of 2022 as the pictures of the months are so nice and they are worthy to be seen again. This is also more sustainable than having more paper sent around. We rather decided to put some budget in to neutralizing the CO2 footprint of each employee by planting trees with Planted Green. You can see our dashboard and digital forest here:

We also started an initiative for mental health for our team with our partner OpenUp. The idea is to strengthen the psyche of each employee by training mindfulness, accessing classes and content and speaking regularly to specialists (not only if challenging situations occur).


In 2023 we will set up a community for our clients to start sharing our vision and showing the progress for our SaaS solution as well as our methodology to help companies to achieve Integration Excellence: #WHintegration – stay tuned.


Best wishes to you and your families and friends and happy holidays.


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