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WHINT AWS SQS Adapter (On-Premise)



This JCA Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration connects to Amazon Web Service´s (AWS) Simple Queue Service (SQS) as well as Simple Notification Service (SNS) in a reliable way. It enables businesses to establish a properly decoupled application integration using message queues and topics like known queue-based protocols as JMS or AMQP.

“Amazon SQS is a distributed queue system that enables web service applications to quickly and reliably queue messages that one component in the application generates to be consumed by another component. A queue is a temporary repository for messages that are awaiting processing.” (Source: Amazon)

Our AWS SQS Adapter enables SAP Process Orchestration to act as a publisher and/or consumer of SQS messages.

The current release uses the version 1.11.143 of the aws-java-sdk.


  • Message Size: Up to 256 KB
  • Only Text Payloads are supported (XML, JSON, unconverted Text), no binary data (ZIP, PDF, …)


  • Consume Messages from Amazon SQS
  • Send Messages to Amazon SQS Queue
  • Publish Messages to Amazon SNS Topic
  • Dead Letter Queue Support
  • Adapter-specific Message Attributes, also custom attributes
  • Internet Proxy Support
  • Quality of Service: EO/EOIO


  • Works with SAP PI 7.1 and higher (incl. SAP Process Orchestration 7.50)
  • Deploy the SCA file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign using NWDS/JSPM/SUM/Telnet
  • Import the TPZ file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign into the ESR


  • Create a new sender or receiver communication channel and select the adapter “AWS_SQS” from namespace “” (Software Component WHINT_ASQ 2016.10 of
  • Transport Protocol: AWS SQS
  • Message Protocol: HTTP
  • Other Options
    • SQS Queue Name
    • AWS Region (select from Drop-Down)
    • Authentication based on Access/Secret Key
    • Internet Proxy (Host, Port, User, Password)
    • Sender Only:
      • Consuming Interval (secs)
      • Quality of Service (EO/EOIO with queue name)
    • Receiver Only:
      • SNS Topic ARN (Receiver only) as alternative to SQS Queue Name
      • Default Visibility Timeout (secs)
      • Message Retention Period (secs)
      • Maximum Message Size (1-256 KB)
      • Delivery delay (secs)
      • Receive Message Wait Time (secs)
      • SQS Dead Letter
        • Use Redrive Policy
        • Dead Letter Queue Name
        • Maximum Receives (1-1000)
    • Set/Use Adapter-specific Message Attributes (ASMA)
      • Namespace:
      • externalMessageID – Message Id received from broker
      • createDateTime – Timestamp of message creation
      • SqsQueueName – Name of the SQS Queue
      • SqsTopicName – Name of the SNS Topic ARN
      • Custom Message Attributes (up to 10, free defined)

Example Configuration



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