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BPM Alerting for WHINT Interface Monitoring


Monitoring your interface landscape is important to identify issues and minimize delays and downtimes. With WHINT Interface Monitoring for SAP Process Orchestration you can already monitor the major components of SAP Process Orchestration and Cloud Integration: Channels, Messages, Backend Queues and Cloud Integration iFlows.

With this update you can also monitor active BPM processes and include it into the periodic snapshot of your interface landscape.


The following BPM status are monitored and checked against the global threshold configuration:


The age of a process (start date & time) is checked in the following way:

  • IN_ERROR: BPM processes in error are checked against the ERROR_MINUTES parameter
  • IN_PROGRESS & SUSPENDED: BPM processes in progress and suspended are checked against the SCHEDULED_MINUTES parameter


  • Snapshot takes place at 11:00
  • Configuration: Global Filter
    • Errors: Last 120 Minutes
    • Scheduled: Last 180 Minutes
  • There is
    • BPM A in error started at 09:13
    • BPM B in error started at 08:45
    • BPM C in progress started at 07:02
    • BPM D in progress started at 08:05
  • Result:
    • BPM A (age:107 minutes) is reported IN_ERROR
    • BPM B (age: 135 minutes) is ignored
    • BPM C (age: 238 minutes) is ignored
    • BPM D (age: 175 minutes) is reported IN_PROGRESS


  1. Import the ESR Content (TPZ) provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign
  2. Add an additional component (receiver channel) into the job configuration by suspending the active task and creating a new one.

Configuration Guide

  1. Create a user with the following role to access BPM processes
    • SAP_BPM_SuperDisplay
  2. Create a Communication Channel which contains the name BPM to access BPM processes using channel template IMS_BPM_<version> ( from SWC WHINT_IMS, 2017.11 of and replace your host/port accordingly.

Further Information

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