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Posts tagged as “Alerting”

BPM Alerting for WHINT Interface Monitoring


Monitoring your interface landscape is important to identify issues and minimize delays and downtimes. With WHINT Interface Monitoring for SAP Process Orchestration you can already monitor the major components of SAP…

Alert Receiver Filter Options for WHINT Interface Monitoring


WHINT Interface Monitoring now allows to add specific filter rules per monitored system. The receiver specific configuration is performed in the alert configuration. Add the systems to be monitored as MonitoredSystem,…

Why standard SAP PI alerting is not enough


In case of interface errors we have to be notified by the system. This is called alerting and an e-mail is sent to us. Errors can occur in the SAP…

WHINT MessageMissing Alert as a Service (SAP PO)


You want to receive a alert e-mail if an (important) interface was not executed in a specific timeframe? Then you need the add-on WHINT MessageMissing Alert. In case you hesitate installing the…