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Min/Max Configuration for WHINT MessageMissing Alert


With WHINT MessageMissing Alert for SAP Process Orchestration you can search for the existence of a message in a specific period.

This update allows you to search for a defined amount of messages in a specific period.

If the configuration is not matching, you receive an E-Mail with the following text: “The message is not matching the expected Min/Max configuration.”

Job Configuration: You can now add the parameters Min and Max – or only one of them.

NWA Job Configuration (WHINT MessageTrigger Job)

Example: The expected amount of messages shall be between 20 (Min) and 100 (Max). If one of the following conditions is met, an E-Mail Alert will be sent:

  • No message is found
  • Less than 20 messages are found
  • More than 100 messages are found

Screenshot examples:

Min/Max Configuration
Min Configuration (no Max): At least 200 messages are expected within the last 4 days
Max Configuration (no Min): Not more than 24 messages are expected within the last 2 days

In addition, we are now generating our E-mails in HTML format.

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