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WHINT MessageMissing Alert as a Service (SAP PO)


You want to receive a alert e-mail if an (important) interface was not executed in a specific timeframe? Then you need the add-on WHINT MessageMissing Alert.

In case you hesitate installing the solution into your landscape, you can also retrieve this information on demand as a service.


In this case, SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is retrieving the runtime data from your SAP PO system(s) and sends you an E-Mail the message in question was not found in the given time frame.

If your SAP PO system allows HTTPS inbound communication from the internet (via an external IP-Adress, e.g. using SAP WebDispatcher and/or a Decentral AdapterEngine), we can start right away. If not, you can make use of the convenient SAP Cloud Connector, which creates a lightweight VPN tunnel from your On-Premise landscape into the SAP Cloud. Please follow the configuration below.

What we need in any case is a service user to access your SAP PO system (having the role SAP_XI_MONITOR_J2EE) as well as the URL of your system (externally exposed or the internal host via Cloud Connector).

Please contact us under:

The onboarding process for the WHINT MessageMissing Alert as a Service is described here:

Onboarding Guide WHINT Middleware Services

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