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Consider Retries for SAP PI/PO Messages in WHINT Interface Monitoring


When monitoring asynchronous messages on SAP PI/PO with WHINT Interface Monitoring, you might want to be alerted only after some retries might have been executed, because the issue might be e.g. a temporary connectivity problem. The standard behavior of SAP PI/PO is to perform 3 retries (keeping the message in Waiting status) until the message is put into Error status.

With the 2212 update, you can configure a number of retries to be performed by the system (or manually) before the alert is sent for such messages. In addition we are showing the configured retry value at the bottom of each E-Mail.

Alert E-Mail

Please note: You have to configure the parameter RETRIES with the number of retries you want to be executed before you get alerted to make it work:

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