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In this section you will find Configuration Guides with Examples for our Solutions

WHINT Proxy FileTransfer


Whenever possible, please try to avoid file-based integration (flat or not, going through the file system is not a good integration pattern), see blog post: Avoid using flat files!. However, sometimes…

WHINT RemoteDirectory Checker


Functionality This Adapter Module is checking for a file (e.g. blocker) at a remote location. When the file is found, the processing of the communication channel (of any type running on…

WHINT MessageTrigger Job


Functionality In case you want to start an interface without scheduling a polling sender adapter (e.g. file) and you need a reliable trigger for a message transfer, this solution helps to set…

WHINT Payload SaveAttachment


Functionality This Adapter Module is adding the current payload as an attachment to the SOAP XI 3.0 message of SAP Process Orchestration. It is useful, when the content is changed…

WHINT AdapterEngine Switcher


  Functionality We can use Decentral Adapter Engines to separate runtimes and isolate scenarios, which is great. To minimize planned downtimes (maintenance/deployment), it could be good to switch all message processing…

WHINT AggregateMessages byReceiver BPM Process


Functionality This BPM process collects (aggregates) messages for a system and then (after 5 minutes collecting) forwards them to a receiver (system/partner). It is a generic process that can collect any XML data…

WHINT On-Premise Adapter Bundle


Version: 2015.08 released in November 2015      This SAP certified solution bundle consists of 3 components: WHINT FileReader Adapter (FRA) WHINT DynamicQueue Writer (DQW) WHINT DynamicConfiguration Writer (DCW) Please…

WHINT FileReader Adapter (On-Premise)


Functionality This Receiver Adapter is able to read a file from a directory (NFS/FTP/SSH) and process it further. The standard SAP File Sender Adapter is only able to continuously poll a directory…

WHINT DynamicQueue Writer


Functionality This Adapter Module is able to set the EOIO Queue/Sequence Id by putting it together from existing DC values or by accessing the XML payload using an XPATH. Prerequisites…