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In this section you will find Configuration Guides with Examples for our Solutions

WHINT PaymentReporting Ingenico (On-Premise Edition)


This Integration Package for SAP Process Orchestration is a turn-key solution which seamlessly integrates Ingenico ePayment reporting data into SAP FI. It enables the automatic processing of the Ingenico Collection…

WHINT Interface Monitoring: Concierge Service for SAP


WHINT® Interface Monitoring is a consulting service to pro-actively monitor your SAP interface landscape. We generate daily snapshots (if you wish more often) of your SAP middleware and backend systems and…

WHINT Interface Documentation for SAP Process Orchestration


Functionality This solution creates an automatic documentation of your interface landscape into your SAP Solution Manager and/or generates PDF documents in plain text describing your SAP Process Orchestration Configuration Scenario.…

WHINT Interface Catalog as a Service (IFC aaS)


You are interested in Transparency about your Interface Landscape on SAP PI/PRO and would like to receive an Interface Catalog with all your flows including their routing and mapping information…

How to use the results of WHINT Interface Catalog


The WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Process Orchestration generates two Excel Documents to bring more transparency to your interface landscape. Here is how you can better understand the results: Channel Catalog…

WHINT now Registered Trademark in Germany


Since October 2016 WHINT® is a registered trademark in Germany and represents our software product line whint://Solutions. Each product name of Whitepaper InterfaceDesign contains the term WHINT®.

WHINT WebDAV Adapter (On-Premise)


Functionality This JCA Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration supports the WebDAV protocol (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) which is based on http(s) and allows read/write access to any WebDAV provider…

WHINT AMQP Adapter (On-Premise)


Please note that our AMQP adapter has been deprecated and replaced by WHINT Azure Service Bus Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration WHINT RabbitMQ Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration Functionality This…