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Channel Administration now in WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP PI/PO


The WHINT Interface Catalog (On-Premise) provides an Excel Overview of the SAP PI Integration Directory with Channel and Interface Information.

Now with this new feature, the ChannelCatalog also provides the information, if a channel is started in the channel monitoring and how it is managed (manually/scheduler/externally).

This feature is available with SAP PI/PO 7.31 and higher versions.


  1. Create an REST Receiver Channel using a channel template from SWC WHINT_IFC: REST_RCV_ChannelStatus_<version>. The user must have the following role: SAP_XI_MONITOR_J2EE
  2. Change the iFlow/Integrated Configuration and replace the already configured operation mapping MessageTrigger_To_ChannelCatalog_Excel_<version> with
  3. Maintain the REST Receiver Channel by adding it as a string <Service>:<Channel> as shown in the example below
  4. If you have multiple Adapter Engines (decentral), you have to concatenate them by separating them with a comma:


You see two additional columns: Activation and Control

  • Activation means if the channel is STARTED or STOPPED
  • Control means if the channel is managed MANUAL, by SCHEDULER or externally by WEBSERVICE

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