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Interface Monitoring for functional/business users


Our solution to automate the monitoring of SAP Middleware (PI/Process Orchestration/Cloud Integration) is typically used by the IT department: WHINT Interface Monitoring for SAP Process Orchestration. However, it is very easy to also send alerts to key users from business departments and/or functional consultants (either in Quality Systems and/or in Production).

Business users need to know and ask the following questions:

  • is the interface working / are there any errors in (C)PI?
  • did the partner receive the message?

Wheather you use SAP AIF or not, business users typically only see what is available locally in the monitors of the SAP backend system (SAP ECC, CRM, S/4HANA). A visibility on SAP Middleware is typically not required or possible.

Adding receivers to the monitoring is quite easy:

  1. You define the scope and frequency of the checks
  2. You add the receiver(s) and the objects you want to monitor

The scope and the frequency is configured through the NWA Job (WHINT MessageTrigger Job):

  • You select all components you want to monitor (PI Channels, PI Messages, PI Processes, Cloud Integration content, Backend messages & queues).
  • You define the frequency by configuring the cron execution (e.g. weekdays every 2 hours between 8 and 18 h).
  • If the existing job (used by IT) is fine already, just skip this part.
NWA Job definition: Scope
NWA Job definition: Frequency

The receivers are added in the configuration (ESR: WHINT_IMS):

  • You can add an individual subject
  • You select the objects of the interfaces you want to be alerted for
Alert Receiver Configuration

In this example, the user is responsible for EDI communication in Germany as well as for SAP Cloud for Customer & Salesforce and will receive any errors for:

  • Channels and Messages where “DE” is part of the party (channel name only containing “AS2”)
  • BPM processes starting with “EDI_DE”
  • Channels and Messages to/from a component with “C4C”
  • Cloud Integration flows containing “Salesforce”
Alert E-Mail

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