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PDF by NWDS iFlow for WHINT Interface Documentation (SAP PI/PO)


So far our documentation is generating one PDF per Configuration Scenario (WHINT Interface Documentation for SAP Process Orchestration) or NWDS Folder. With this update you can also generate one PDF per Integration Flow (iFlow) of your Eclipse/NWDS (SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio) Configuration:

NWDS iFlow Configuration


The file name is generated like this: <folder>.<iflowName>.pdf, of course the folder is optional and can also contain multiple folder levels:

PDF with folder(s) and iFlow name


  1. Create a new HTTP Receiver Channel (using Channel Template HTTP_R_IFD)
  2. Change the iFlow Routing by replacing the mapping and adding the lookup channel in the configuration. Please follow the configuration to create PDFs by NWDS Folder, but select Operation Mapping “MTJ_To_IFD_01_iFlow” of namespace in software component WHINT_IFD, 2104 of
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