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SAP Cloud Integration Messages for WHINT Interface Monitoring


WHINT Interface Monitoring now supports messages from SAP Cloud Integration to be able to monitor hybrid interface landscapes from SAP Process Orchestration.

You can now add a new Data Source (query channel) using channel template IMS_CPI_<version>. The channel name must contain the string “Cloud Integration”.

The data source provides messages in status FAILED, ESCALATED and RETRY based on the configured Error Minutes, considering the Max. Message Count and lists the corresponding integration flow names with status and count.

The receiver specific configuration is performed as usual in the alert configuration. Add the Cloud Integration flows to your existing items, e.g. if you want to monitor all, you add this Regex pattern:

  <Subject>Interface Monitoring Snapshot</Subject>

The match against the Regex pattern is based on the integration flow ID (technical, usually contains underscores instead spaces), not on the readable name:

The E-Mail looks like this (using the readable integration flow names):

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