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Posts tagged as “Adapter Engine”

Scaling SAP Process Orchestration


In case you need some options how to define and scale your PO landscape… High-Available (HA) Setup:  It is recommended to run the SCS (Central Message Server, Enqueue Server, Gateway)…

WHINT RemoteDirectory Checker


Functionality This Adapter Module is checking for a file (e.g. blocker) at a remote location. When the file is found, the processing of the communication channel (of any type running on…

WHINT MessageTrigger Job


Functionality In case you want to start an interface without scheduling a polling sender adapter (e.g. file) and you need a reliable trigger for a message transfer, this solution helps to set…

WHINT AdapterEngine Switcher


  Functionality We can use Decentral Adapter Engines to separate runtimes and isolate scenarios, which is great. To minimize planned downtimes (maintenance/deployment), it could be good to switch all message processing…

AE-AE / ICO-ICO Connectivity


Challenge You want to set up a communication across two Adapter Engines (AEs), because you have each AE in a different network zone. For Dual-Stack Systems you can choose different…

J2SE Adapter Engine – Setup/Installation


How to use the J2SE Adapter Engine: The J2SE AE aka “Adapter Engine (Java SE)” is still supported and being maintained by SAP. You can use it if you need…