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WHINT RemoteDirectory Checker



This Adapter Module is checking for a file (e.g. blocker) at a remote location. When the file is found, the processing of the communication channel (of any type running on the Adapter Engine) is stopped. The solution is useful e.g. if you want to avoid the transfer of files if the target directory is not empty.


  • Deploy the SCA/EAR file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign using NWDS/JSPM/SUM/Telnet
  • Check if the deployment was successful in JNDI browser (NWA -> Troubleshooting -> Java -> JNDI Browser) It should appear under Folder WHINT with name RemoteDirectoryChecker


  • Add the Adapter Module in the Module Processor (Sender or Receiver Channel)
  • Name: WHINT/RemoteDirectoryChecker
  • Type: Local
  • Parameters:
    • FileName: name of the file or pattern (e.g. blocker.txt or *.trg)
    • Directory: folder of remote server or NFS
    • URL (optional): the address of the remote location in case of FTP or SFTP (SSH) (s)ftp://host:port
    • User (optional): login for (S)FTP server
    • pwd (optional): password for (S)FTP server
    • HostProxy (optional): FTP proxy host (e.g. SOCKS5)
    • PortProxy (optional): FTP proxy port
    • UserProxy (optional): user for proxy
    • pwdProxy (optional): password for proxy


Here, a File is transferred from one location to the other if the target folder is empty

Channel Configuration: 

coming soon

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