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Posts tagged as “Interface Catalog”

Staging & Logging overview for WHINT Interface Catalog


It is important to configure staging and logging for SAP Process Orchestration Integrated Configurations (ICOs) / iFlows, as it defines, which messages (sender or receiver) are visible in the monitoring…

TPM Excel Overview for WHINT Interface Catalog


SAP Process Orchestration B2B Add-on provides us with a nice capability to manage trading partners. We can list them, configure which messages we exchange using parameters, conversions and certificates. However,…

SAP Middleware Interface Reporting


Monitoring your SAP Process Orchestration interface landscape and integration flows on SAP Cloud Integration is important. Some technical aspects are being controlled by the SAP Basis team or Operations. Interface-…

WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Cloud Integration


Functionality This solution provides you with an overview about your Cloud Integration Content: All relevant information from your SAP Cloud Integration Tenant: Integration Artifacts (Interfaces) with Externalized Configuration Parameters Service…

WHINT Interface Documentation for SAP Process Orchestration


Functionality This solution creates an automatic documentation of your interface landscape into your SAP Solution Manager and/or generates PDF documents in plain text describing your SAP Process Orchestration Configuration Scenario.…