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Automatic Information Flow Upload to LUY


With the 2305 Update of WHINT Interface Catalog we are able to feed LUY (f.k.a. Iteraplan) from selected data sources. The solution periodically creates/updates Information flows in LUY and links Information systems & Technical components and links the Interface Documentation PDFs in SharePoint.

LUY Data Model

Data Sources (so far):

  • SAP PI/PO (Integrated Configuration Sender-Receiver-Combination)
  • SAP Cloud Integration (Integration Flow)
LUY Upload

Technical Component:

Information flows will be linked to the middleware component:

Create the Technical component manually or use an existing one, then get the ID of the component (from the browser URL) and use it in the configuration:

LUY ID of Technical Component

Information flow Processing sequence:

  • 1. Find Information flow by WHINT IF ID
    • 2a. If found: UPDATE
    • 2b. If not found: CREATE (if ENFORCE is set)
Create Interface Fact Sheet if not available

Information flow Details:

  • Name (can be changed, only for CREATE):
    • SAP Cloud Integration: <Integration Flow Name>
    • SAP PI/PO: SndParty>/<SndComp>/<SndInterface>/<RcvParty>/<RcvComp>/<RcvInterface>
  • WHINT Attributes (to be created manually in advance)
  • IF Name: see name
  • IF ID:
    • SAP Cloud Integration: Integration Flow ID
    • SAP PI/PO: Prefix_<Hash-Value> (length: 8) built from <SndParty><SndComp><SndInterface><VirRcvParty>VirRcvComp><RcvParty><RcvComp><RcvInterface><Mapping>
  • IF Package
    • SAP Cloud Integration: Integration Package
    • SAP PI/PO: Configuration Scenario(s)
  • IF Sender
  • IF Receiver
  • IF Description: Contains a short text and mapping/routing information from SAP PI/PO
  • IF Documentation: Link to WHINT Interface Documentation PDF in SharePoint
WHINT Attributes in LUY Information flow

Information flow Overview (Information system 1 -> Information system 2)

The solution does not create Information systems. Systems are linked, if they are found. Sender and Receiver systems are checked against the LUY Information systems. If found, they are set as Information system 1 and/or Information system 2. If NOT found, a value mapping is executed to normalize the SAP PI/PO or SAP Cloud Integration Sender/Receiver information. If no mapped value is found, the Information systems is NOT linked to the Information flow:

  • Information system 1 (sender)
    • SAP Cloud Integration: Sender from Metadata
    • SAP PI/PO: SenderComponent / SenderParty|SenderComponent
  • Information system 2 (receiver)
    • SAP Cloud Integration: Receiver from Metadata
    • SAP PI/PO: ReceiverComponent / ReceiverParty|ReceiverComponent
Value Mapping SAP_CI -> LUY Information system

Btw: You do not have to map (B2B) Parties to Applications at all (Provider/Consumer can remain empty), or you map all parties to one generic Information system “B2B” or “EDI”.

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