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We receive public funding for an innovative approach to automate interface management


Integration Cockpit from offers cross-application integration excellence

Hanover, 09 March 2023 – An innovative approach to simplify the management of IT landscapes is at the centre of a development project funded by the German government: the IT company GmbH, experts for SAP-integration, has now received approval for a research grant from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the development of a pioneering SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for cross-application interface management in larger companies. The ‘Integration Cockpit’ is intended to provide complete transparency and comprehensive quality management in the complex interface landscape of leading companies. As a so-called MVP (Minimum Viable Product), the platform will launch for live testing in the second half of 2023. 

“When it comes to interfaces, transparency and runtime control are the most important things,” Adam Kiwon, founder and CEO of, puts it in a nutshell. Kiwon continues, “Dysfunctional APIs can lead to critical problems and expensive application and process downtime.” The technical book author and interface expert develops the ‘Integration Cockpit’ with his team based on his extensive experience in the enterprise integration environment at well-known companies. 

“Often the interface landscape is complex and intransparent with over 800 connections. Messaging errors bring considerable risks, as troubleshooting is usually time-consuming and demanding. The increasingly importance of IT security also suffers from this,” states Kiwon. With the sophisticated algorithms of the ‘Integration Cockpit’, the interface data is automatically collected, inventoried, analyzed and visualized. First insights into the ‘Integration Cockpit’ are available on request by e-mail:

It is precisely the quality management of interfaces that is of outstanding importance in the increasingly networked IT architecture – interfaces must be carefully maintained and seamlessly monitored. After all, interface management is primarily about achieving the set goals for standardization, simplification and automation of business processes in a targeted manner. “This is where considerable cost savings can be achieved and productivity significantly increased. More EBITDA through automation!”, says Kiwon.  

Adam Kiwon wants to continue to concentrate on optimization in enterprise integration with an international team. The focus is on sophisticated, quality-oriented solutions in order to, among other things, significantly reduce time-consuming troubleshooting, work out new potential for more efficiency and massively increase the overall transparency of the IT landscape. 

Please find the official press release here.

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