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WHINT MessageStore Viewer for Cloud Foundry


As we are approaching christmas, here´s a present from our CTO David:

The WHINT MessageStore Viewer is now available for SAP BTP Cloud Foundry (again for free)!

It contains an option to be deployed in any BTP subaccount and can connect to up to 3 tenants (destinations). Of course you can also deploy the tool several times to cover more Cloud Integration tenants.

WHINT MessageStore Viewer

The installation is quite simple and explained in detail on Github:

  1. Download the release as MTAR archive from Github
  2. Deploy the application using the Cloud Foundry CLI (Command Line Interface)
  3. Create the destinations MSV_DEV, MSV_STG, MSV_PRD
    • enter the URL with the syntax https://<your-tenant>/api/v1 or (for SAP PO as Cloud Integration runtime) http://<your-po-system>/igwapi/v1 (plus cloud connector location)
    • Add additional property “HTML5.DynamicDestination” with value “true”
    • You can choose if you put the credentials already or “NoAuthentication”, so you will get a popup to authenticate
  4. Assign yourself the role MessageStore Viewer by adding a custom role collection to your user
Role in BTP
Role Collection in BTP

You can see the result here:

WHINT MessageStore Viewer
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