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Backend Interfaces for WHINT Interface Catalog



This update for WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Process Orchestration now allows to export the interface definitions of SAP ABAP systems (ECC, S/4HANA, CRM, etc.).

In addition to an Excel overview of your SAP Process Ochestration middleware interfaces, you can also receive insight on all your interfaces from the SAP backend:

  • IDoc/ALE Configuration (Partners, Ports, RFC Destinations)
  • WebService Configuration (SOAMANAGER)
  • File Configuration (FILE)
  • Queued RFC Configuration (QRFC)
  • Integration Engine Configuration (XI/PI Runtime)
  • OData/SAP NetWeaver Gateway Services (OData)
WHINT Interface Catalog (On-Premise) for SAP Process Orchestration and SAP ABAP Backends
IDoc/ALE Interfaces
IDoc/ALE Interfaces
Web Services (SOA Manager)
File Interfaces

The solution is shipped as part of WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Process Orchestration and is available immediately.


  1. Create a communication user in each SAP ABAP system you want to read data from. The call is made via RFC. There is no need to import any ABAP transport into the backend. We recommend to assign the following roles to the technical user: SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER
  2. Create a communication channel (type RFC) for each backend system using the communication user

If you already have an RFC destination with a “powerful” user, you also use this one.

Configuration Guide

  1. Create a new ICO/iFlow or enhance the existing one of WHINT_IFC:
  2. Add each ABAP system as a receiver system and select the following operation mapping: MessageTrigger_To_BackendInterfaces_750 ( of SWC WHINT_IFC 2016.08
  3. Select the RFC Channel as the lookup channel
  4. Create a File Receiver Channel using channel template FILE_RCV_Excel_<version> ( and point it to the existing directory of your WHINT_IFC
  5. Select the File Channel it in the ICO, activate and trigger a message 
Integrated Configuration: Operation Mapping
Channel Templates

Further Information

WHINT® Interface Catalog for SAP Process Orchestration 

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