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WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Process Orchestration



This solution provides you with an overview about your Integration Landscape: All information from your configuration of your SAP Process Orchestration System as well SAP Backend Systems.

WHINT Interface Catalog (On-Premise)

The tool downloads (e.g. periodically)

  • the Interface Catalog (based on all Integrated Configurations, Communication Channels and Configuration Scenarios) and Systems Catalog (Parties and Systems/Components with attributes)
  • the Trading Partner Catalog (TPM, based on SAP B2B Add-on Trading Partner Management, 7.50 only)
  • the Cloud Integration Catalog (locally deployed Cloud Integration (CPI) content, 7.50 only)
  • the Backend Interface Catalogs (from SAP ABAP Systems: IDoc/File/Web Service/OData/IntegrationEngine)
  • a Landscape Check for Cloud Integration Content (compares deployed CPI-Content on PO Dev/Qual/Prod)

as an Excel Sheet.

All Routing information can be read as well as all communication channel attributes (e.g. host name) and all adapter modules including the corresponding parameters.

It answers questions like

  • what are the routing conditions for Partner X or IDoc Y ?
  • where do we use a specific FTP host?
  • where do we use Content Conversion (also via the MessageTransform Bean) ?

The solution is not invasive (no specific installation needed) and runs completely as interfaces using Standard Process Orchestration technology. Only read access is required using the Integration Directory API.


  1. Import the TPZ file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign into the ESR
  2. Deploy the SCA of WHINT MessageTrigger Job
  3. Create a technical user according to our guideline

Configuration Guide

  1. Import the TPZ file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign into the Integration Directory
  2. Adjust the communication channels according to your environment (host, user, etc.)
  3. If required, generate an authorization header using Postman or a cloud tool
  4. Schedule the trigger job according to your needs (e.g. weekly)

Further Information

MessageTrigger Job

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