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Posts published in “Connectivity”

Adapter / Protocol / Security / Messaging

Virtual Receiver with IDoc_AAE for SAP PI


In case you are using SAP PI/PO for B2B/EDI communication, you might have IDocs coming from SAP ERP/ECC which have to be distributed individually and the receiver determination (routing) is…

WHINT® Solutions: Connectivity


Additional connectivity options for SAP Middleware: Adapters and Modules and Tools for SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Integration WHINT® Middleware Add-ons for Queue Connectivity for SAP Process Orchestration WHINT®…

WHINT RabbitMQ Adapter for SAP Cloud Integration


Functionality This Apache-Camel based Adapter for SAP Cloud Integration  supports the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) to connect to RabbitMQ, a reliable way to establish a properly decoupled application integration…

WHINT JSON Converter Adapter Module


Functionality This Adapter Module is able to convert a JSON message into XML and vice versa. XML -> JSON By default all values are shown as strings. If boolean and…

Cloudy with a Chance of …Interfaces


…with a chance of good Interfaces! Good interfaces are robust, reliable, maintenance-friendly and also support independence! We see more and more cloud applications appearing and also several cloud platforms which…