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Naming Conventions for SAP BPM


This article is part of our Integration Cookbook. Name Pattern  Example Software Component  Same as ESR SWC or generic SWC “BPM” when used in NWDI due to the underlying components BPM of Development Component bpm/<opt:SWC>…

Naming Conventions for SAP PI


This article is part of our Integration Cookbook. SLD Name Pattern  Example Software Product <Name>, <Version> of <vendor-url> Microsoft Navision 3.5 of SAP ERP 6.0 of Software Component (same for Unit) <Name>, <Version> of <vendor-url> (use…

Content Organization in SAP PI for Interface Designers


This article is part of our Integration Cookbook. To design interfaces for SAP PI, you need to consider the following aspects and follow the principles regarding Software Components: Separate Sender Application/System from Receiver Mappings are always created in the Receiver (Target) Software Component…

Messaging Principles for Interface Designers


This article is part of our Integration Cookbook. Quality of Service If you can influence the application design of the sender or receiver (doesn’t apply if an external partner/service provider with an existing service…

Design Principles for Interface Designers


This article is part of our Integration Cookbook. When we build integration solutions, the following characteristics (principles) of application integration should be clear and defined as goals: Enable Connectivity by…

How to use the results of WHINT Interface Catalog


The WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Process Orchestration generates two Excel Documents to bring more transparency to your interface landscape. Here is how you can better understand the results: Channel Catalog…

Usage Dependencies in Software Components


There is a useful functionality to reuse objects from one software component in another one. You can define this usage dependency in SLD or in ESR (software dependencies & underlying…

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) / Info


Your first steps – find basic information about SAP HCI (PI) SAP Help Developer Guide Public Integration Content Catalog HCI Tools SCN Landing Page Apache Camel Enterprise Integration Patterns