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Updates for WHINT Solutions

Daily Reporting by Hour for WHINT MessageVolume Report


This update for WHINT MessageVolume Report for SAP Process Orchestration allows you to monitor the aggregated messages per hour on top of the existing daily/weekly/monthly messaging. It helps to show…

WHINT Solutions E-Mail Layout


With this update (March 2020), we have changed the Plain Text E-Mail layout into a colored, HTML design. It is still clean and smart, but more “alerting” if required. This…

Ignore Queue Errors for Backend Interface Monitoring


When monitoring backend systems with WHINT Interface Monitoring, it might be not relevant for some personas to receive technical alerts about queue errors (tRFC, qRFC). This update allows you to…

Backend Interfaces for WHINT Interface Catalog


Functionality This update for WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Process Orchestration now allows to export the interface definitions of SAP ABAP systems (ECC, S/4HANA, CRM, etc.). In addition to an…

Staging & Logging overview for WHINT Interface Catalog


It is important to configure staging and logging for SAP Process Orchestration Integrated Configurations (ICOs) / iFlows, as it defines, which messages (sender or receiver) are visible in the monitoring…