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Integration Report


Which KPIs are useful when looking at the integration layer and the monthly interface traffic? Over the last year we have collected them and brought them into a new format:

Our WHINT® Integration Report is a consulting service on top of our Interface Management solutions. It provides you with useful KPIs, delivered in a handy PDF format, which you can share with other stakeholders, e.g. your management or your enterprise architects.

Data Sources (Integration Layer Components):

  • SAP Process Orchestration (Integrated Configurations)
  • SAP Process Orchestration (Cloud Integration)
  • SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration)
Integration Report

You will receive information about the following sections:

  1. Overview and Management Summary
  2. Messaging Traffic (Evolution of last months, Message Volumes by Area, Top 20 Interfaces by Count & Volume)
  3. Messaging Performance (Evolution of Total Average Processing Time, Top 20 Longest running Interfaces & Mappings)
  4. Interface Catalog Check (Last Message Run to detect interfaces for decommissioning, Staging & Logging)
  5. Communication Channel Check (File and Database Communication Channels check for SAP PO)
  6. Landscape Check (SAP PO: Mapping and Routing differences, Cloud Integration Runtime and Tenant)
  7. Documentation Check (SAP PO: Listing of Configuration Scenarios and unassigned Objects, SAP Cloud Integration: Quality Check Results)

We do not only list the as-is situation (which you will find in the documents generated by our solutions), we also provide suggestions what to improve in order to pursue towards integration excellence.

Please contact us for more information:

Below you will find some examples from our recent reports from each section:

Messaging Traffic (SAP PO – ICOs)
Messaging Traffic (SAP PO – Cloud Integration)
SAP IS Cloud Integration
SAP PO ICOs (mean value across all messages)
Communication Channel Check (SAP PO ICOs)
SAP IS Cloud Integration Landscape Check
SAP PO Configuration Scenarios
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